Vision And Mission


" The College will create future leaders and deliver research-based discoveries that will feed a growing world population, develop renewable sources of energy, ensure a safe sustainably packaged food supply, and maintain a healthy environment. "


" The central purpose of the College is to focus on the critical issues in global food supply and safety, human and animal nutrition, agricultural systems efficiency, environmental conservation, sustainable packaging, and renewable resources in the region, and especially those issues that are applicable worldwide. We achieve our purpose in teaching by designing basic, yet futuristic, degree programs that empower students to contribute globally through satisfying and productive careers. Through rigorous experiential and classroom learning opportunities, institute readies its graduates to assume leadership roles in industries essential to ensuring the future security and prosperity of India and our growing global population. "

Goals and Objectives

  1. 1. To develop agricultural technology.
  2. 2. To educate and train students to become proficient
  3. 3. To carry out need based and applied research in agriculture
  4. 4. To transfer agricultural technology to the farmers.
  5. 5. To assist and guide the farmers in developing allied enterprises.
  6. 6. To provide agro advisory services
  7. 7. To disseminate agricultural technology to farming community through TV, radio programmes, publishing articles in news papers and magazine and to conduct frontline demonstrations, farmers rallies and work shops.
  1. 8. To develop the technology suited for agro based small-scale industries
  2. 9. To provide technical advice and guidance to the entrepreneurs.
  3. 10. To provide quality education in the areas of agriculture
  4. 11. To develop overall personality of the students during their graduation.
  5. 12. To provide competitive graduates to the society & agri-business management
  6. 13. To carry out the research on fundamental and applied aspects
  7. 14. To provide extension services to farmers